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  1. Greetings,

    Before the Eyewall from Columbus, OH would be honored to be included in your list of reviews. We just put an album out a couple months ago and have since been working hard, touring the country and promoting the ever-loving shit out of this record, which took us about two years to create, produce and release, which we’ve done ourselves. The album was mastered by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Behold the Arctopus, Gorguts). We would like to hear what postrockstar thinks. You can stream the whole album here: http://beforetheeyewall.bandcamp.com/releases

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hey Aaron,

      We’ll add it to our queue of albums to review/promote. We’re a little clogged up right now and we’re doing everything we can to clear out of queue and it might be a few weeks, but it will make it to the site. Thanks!

    • Hello PostRockStar,
      I am been waiting awhile to be able to post something on here. My group Clouds Over Moscow just released our new album “Always Isn’t Forever”. We are a 4-piece Post Rock Jazz Experimental project out of Seattle. Please check out our new stuff and please give it a review. I really enjoy the content on this website. Keep up the great work. Peace

  2. Hey guys,
    Love the site. If you would be so kind, I’d love it if you guys would review an album I just released last month for a solo post-rock project I call ISLES. The album’s called ‘Spaces,’ and it’s streaming in full at my Bandcamp page: http://isles-sf.bandcamp.com . The album was written, recorded, and mixed by me, and mastered by Ryan Williams of Infiniart. I’ve got a free download code for you if you’d like to download it that I’d be happy to email you. I appreciate you guys taking the time to give it a listen.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi there,

    We’re Ghost Flower, travelling between Post-Rock, Progressive-Rock and Post-Metal – and we just released our debut EP – Left. It can be streamed in its entirety here – theghostflower.bandcamp.com, or here – soundcloud.com/theghostflower.
    We would be honored to be reviewed on postrockstar.com.
    All the Best,


  4. Dear Post Rock Star Staff

    I’m Andrea Romeo, Italian Post Rock / Neoclassical Composer and Producer.

    I wish to express my full appreciation for the quality of your Magazine and your aim to help to make know the new projects.

    For this reason, I’m strongly desirous to present you my music project and to evalute an article. I would be honored.

    I wish present my project and let you know my latest album called ” Need For Expression ” , composed & produced by me, listenible on http://www.andrearomeomusic.com

    and watch the first single videoclip: ” Heart ” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yocDwEl_yUA

    You can also download the album at this link http://www.andrearomeo.bandcamp.com/yum using this private code: pew6-g4nn

    I enclose the front cover of the album and an my photo for any your need.

    Hoping in your sincere comment, I wish you good listening and all the best for your work.

    Website – http://www.andrearomeomusic.com

  5. Hello Postrockstar. This is a great site you have, and what you do in giving lesser-known bands exposure is great.
    We’d love to be a part of this process and your site, so if you could feature or review our work we’d be forever grateful.

    You can listen to our tracks for free at diices.bandcamp.com, where we have our first EP, ’12’s and 5’s’.

    Hope you all like it.

  6. Pertegò – Stations
    June 2014 – Pertegò are proud to present their new album produced by Collapsed Records.

    In this album, in a totally different way that mixes their characteristic sound and movie soundtracks, they describe the eternal conflict between human beings and environment, an imaginary world where technology and nature coexist.
    This album is produced by Collapsed Records, written and mixed at Lula Studios created by the band to follow step by step the whole process from recording to post production.

    We will be proud if the new album can be reviewed.
    Could you tell us how to send you the album?

    Thank you.
    Collapsed Records.


  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks for posting our album “Saudade” on PostRockStar. We would love it if you guys would give us your thoughts and review it as well! You guys have great taste and we would love some feedback. As always the album is free on bandcamp at http://iomusicofficial.bandcamp.com/
    Thanks again, you guys rule.


  8. Hey guys, My band 3 days from retirement have just launched our debut self titled EP. We are a cinematic post rock band from edinburgh and would like for you to give our music a listen. We are really proud of this release and are keen to here some feedback on it. The EP can be streamed and downloaded here.




  9. Hey! My band has just released our first album “The Engineers of Alma” after releasing our first EP in July 2012. We spent a a few months writing and recording the album by ourselves in our extremely modest home studios. The band is just two of us and began by Grant recording post-rock songs by himself in his garage (the tracks Equinox and Aqueous are two of these). The band’s name came about since Grant’s bird could be heard on these early recordings even when it was clear across the house. We are very excited about this new release since we were able to step up our production quite a bit from a our original EP. We also expanded by exploring new sounds and incorporating more instruments such as violin. We would love if you could provide some feedback or say a few words about our album on your site. Thanks so much in advance!

  10. Hi guys!

    We are St. Petersburg (Russia) based band Antethic. We released our first longplay “Origin” on August 24. We also had couple of EPs before, you can find everything on our Bandcamp page. Our sound and style vary from album to album and you can find elements of post-rock/-metal, drone, ambient and progressive rock in our music. “Origin” – 2014 and “Город Солнца” (“The City of the Sun”)- 2013 are our key works. We hope you will enjoy it and find it interesting to review!

    We respect a lot the work you doing to make this blog a great collection of good music and it will be big pleasure for us to become a part of it. Good luck and keep posting good stuff!

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