Foofer Friday: Ranges – Solar Mansions


It’s hard to believe that in a small town like Bozeman, there’s more than one talented band dipping their toes in the post-rock scene. And yet, here I am to tell you about Ranges.

They’ve been around since 2012, but haven’t rel
eased anything until earlier this year, with their “AB SA RO KA” EP (Which I recommend) and just recently they released their first full-length album, “Solar Mansions”.

From the introduction to the sendoff, the entire album has this sort of dreamy quality. The first half of “The House of Aries” is an excellent example with it’s floaty melodies, slowly making its way into a more deliberate riff, still maintaining it’s rather sleepy demeanor. Like when your dream lazily makes its way from sheer nonsense to something a bit more coherent, like when I dreamt I was flying around inside my grandparent’s house.

On top being absolutely dreamy, every song is very well structured, and none of them seem to drag on for too long. There’s an undeniable sense of purpose in their sound, like they’re still in control of the dream. It makes for a very deliberate feeling sometimes, which is a bit distracting from the emotional side of the album, but in no way do I find this to be a real flaw.

The only other thing that dulls the shine of this album is the production value. The guitars, effects, synth, bass all sound great. The main issue is the drums, but I understand why, because recording drums is one of the toughest challenges about recording music. (Hey, it’s still better than a drum machine)

Overall, it still shines brightly in my eyes. It’s not every day you see a band so dedicated to their craft. They even mixed and mastered their own music beautifully, and even put together own DIY release on CD. It’s beautiful, and I should know; Ranges was kind enough to send me a press kit, complete with t-shirt. You should buy everything because that shirt is sooooo soft.

Who knows, maybe Inaeris and Ranges will make a split album?

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