Foofer Friday: Astralia – ‘Atlas’

Reviewed by: Foofer

Since I’ve started writing these reviews, I’ve looked at music from very different parts of the world. Italy to Denmark, San Francisco to New York, Canada to Montreal…

…wait a minute.

Anyways, today we’ve got Spain’s representative, Astralia. A wonderful trio from La Floresta, which is about an hour and a half west of Barcelona (Where this album was recorded). With Astralia being a trio, I was half expecting them to attempt a sound similar to Russian Circles, which seems to be a sort of trend within the post-rock scene. Thankfully, I was quickly proved wrong.

“You Are Here” introduces itself rather calmly, fluffy synth in the background, accompanied by distant, lyricless vocals. It’s almost beautiful enough to make a grown man cry. The way they slowly build up to a louder sound really shows off their compositional skills. They know what they want, and they know exactly how to get it. If there’s going to be a song where they strut their stuff, it has to be the first song. When the music quiets down again, it feels like a whole different song than before. I cannot fully describe how much this song impresses me with its variety. Sometimes, when a song bounces around from sound to sound, it just sounds confused and directionless, but this is far from it. It sounds very intentional and purposeful. If you don’t like this song, just go ahead and skip the rest of the album.

As for the rest of the album, I actually have a hard time keeping myself concentrated on it. Five out of the eight tracks are over 7 minutes long. Whenever I start listening to it, I find myself looking up random articles on Wikipedia or sorting through my massive collection of cat gifs. It’s just not gripping enough to really stick with it. I mean, I like what I hear and sometimes I’ll stop reading Wikipedia to really listen, but after a while I’m back to ignoring it some more. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s recorded professionally, mastered brilliantly, played masterfully, and presented in a very appealing manner; the artwork is gorgeous, and I’d buy the CD if I had the money/interest.

So even though I don’t personally click with it, I would recommend this to just about anyone. Also, I would recommend you play it really loud, with the bass turned way up. You miss so much if you don’t.

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