Foofer Friday: Sundry Commentary

As much as I love dedicating my whole week to one album (which is a lot), I still listen to an assortment of other bands from an assortment of different genres. So I figure that every once in a while I could talk about a bunch of albums, just to shake things up. These aren’t all post-rock, they’re just bands I’ve been enjoying lately, or whatever has been on my radar.

First up are a trio of bands who just so happen to be labelmates. Keep It Together Records is a tiny label out of Wisconsin that specializes in tapes, with all sorts of bands in his catalog. Folk, Metal, Emo, Screamo, Indie, Mathrock, Post-Rock, There’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Low-Pass, LITE, and Saisa all hail from Japan, Keep It Together just handles the US side of things. Low-Pass and LITE are both Mathrock, and Saisa is a more ethereal post-rock with a similar vibe to Sigur Ros. I cannot recommend these guys enough, even if I haven’t actually ordered any of the tapes… yet.

I don’t know if any of you remember my review of Wander’s “Mourning” , but it’s my go-to album as of late. Since the review, it’s been released on cassette, and it sounds… awful. My copy sounded like it’d been dragged through the dirt before they shipped it. I’m all for supporting bands I enjoy, but this cassette sounds dreadful. I know that cassettes aren’t the highest quality format, but I have plenty of cassettes that don’t sound like they were recorded with a guitar hero microphone. Especially with smaller labels, buying cassettes is a very hit-and-miss ordeal. If you feel lucky, go ahead and buy a copy. If you feel really lucky, buy me a copy, too. But that’s what it all comes down to with DIY cassettes- luck.

On a lighter note, Saor caught my eye as I was browsing on bandcamp. At first I thought it was just another black metal band that just so happened to add ‘post-rock’ to their tags. They aren’t post-rock, but they aren’t just any black metal band. Standing alone, it’s amazing black metal, but they added Celtic instruments and Gaelic vocals and became something I’ll enjoy for a very long time. If you like the heavier side of things, I would highly recommend you check these guys out.

Speaking of the heavier things, my fellow writer Erich is starting his own weekly article entitled “Heavier Things”. As you probably guessed, it’ll be focusing on post-metal and… the… heavier things. But his header isn’t as cool as mine.

Not two minutes after I fell in love with Saor, I happened another metal band tagged as post-rock. Save us From The Archon sounds like a music-making computer was secretly overclocked. They just released their latest album ‘Thereafter‘ and you could not find a better example of technical progressive metal. But if you think you have, lemme know. I cannot get enough of that sorta stuff.

Wang Wen recently came out with a new album! Word cannot describe my happiness. I love every single one of their albums, and this one is no different. “Eight Horses” is brand spanking new, and it’s awesome. I wouldn’t dare review it, I’m too biased for something like that. But I hope to see someone else review it, it’s too good to go unnoticed.

There are some upcoming albums that I’m super excited about, stuff I think will make big splashes:

Sleepmakeswaves has released a single download and a pre-order for “Love of Cartography” which will be released July Fourth. We’re actually making this our July roundtable review, it’s that promising.

set and setting has announced a second album, and a shift from one label to another, from Science of Silence to Prosthetic Records. Prosthetic Records seems to focus primarily on metal, so Set and Setting are in good hands, I’m sure. I’m just hoping Force Field Records handles the cassette release, they nailed it last time for “Equanimity”.

MONO has been posting pictures on their facebook of recording sessions, claiming that they’re finished recording a new album and will be moving onto mastering some time soon. I know it’s a bit far off, but it’s exciting, nevertheless.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. If you think there’s something I’m missing, hit me up on twitter @foofsies or via e-mail at

Next week: Astralia – ‘Atlas’