Good Weather For An Airstrike – A Home For You

a2731664477_2There’s a certain aspect in music that has always stood out as one of the defining qualities that makes this art form so special to me. It’s also something that lends itself nicely to my adoration of post-rock and progressive rock music. It’s the sense of traversal. Or the “Fellowship of the Ring” effect. Some albums convey this almost unexplainable feeling of traversal — of journeying across a vast landscape — and it tends to be those albums that captivate me the most. Explosions in the Sky’s 2003 and 2007 albums do this (particularly the song “It’s Natural to Be Afraid”); as does Echotide’s 2012 masterpiece ‘As the Floodlights Gave Way to Dawn’. There’s a sense of overcoming to wade through a long passage of ambient “nothingness”; to emerge squinty-eyed at the dawn of the bright light that gleams from the looming melody on the other side. Long, almost non-musical ambience gradually soothes and bewilders a mind slowly declining into semi-consciousness. It’s in these movements where my thoughts start to wander into dream-like territory. And then I begin to wake up, questioning where the last 10-20 minutes went, and giving up trying to figure out how many songs went passed or how i even got to this point.

This is what I think Good Weather for an Airstrike understands better than most. The music under this moniker is never over-encumbered with intrusive melodies and refrains, nor is it interminably quiet. There’s a balance struck that enables numerous transitions between the two states of semi-consciousness and apperceptive enjoyment. Truth be told I do enjoy the quiet, almost perpetual droning more than the lifting melodies that are found on this album (the closing track, “Welcome Home”, is my undeniable favourite here), but there is deserved place for the latter, with tracks such as the beautiful “A Song for Libby” serving as respites from the detached haze. There are definitely more melodies and standout moments here than in Good Weather for an Airstrike’s milestone album “Underneath the Stars”, although it doesn’t hypnotise me quite as profoundly as that album did and still does. But “Underneath the Stars” is a rare gem in the world of ambient music, and “A Home for You” justly manages to live up to the Good Weather for an Airstrikes name. This album lets your mind float away just far enough to explore the ether, before taking you back home.



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