Beef Terminal – Canadian Patent

Welcome to the first edition of Foofer Friday! This will be an ongoing series written by Postrockstar staff writer Foofer who will use this weekly special as a forum to review albums and/or sound off about any and all things post-rock. In this introductory edition, Foofer will be taking a look at ‘Canadian Patent’ by Beef Terminal.

It seems like it’s everyone’s goal to find a band that none of their friends have ever heard of. It’s okay to admit it, everyone loves sharing their musical tastes with their peers, it’s perfectly human. That’s how music thrives, through word of mouth. The best thing about it is you can share your unknown interests with your friends without being a pretentious hipster. If I can do it, you can do it. Just because I like fixed-gear bicycles, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, grass-fed Coffee, and fair trade flaxseed oil doesn’t mean I’m a hipster.


Anyways, with only 1,009 likes on Facebook, I’m pretty sure that none of your friends have heard of Beef Terminal. I hadn’t even heard of this band until I decided to review “Canadian Patent”. Actually, my wife said I should review it. She liked the band name.

If only she’d heard the music. If it were coffee, it’d be in a can, instead of that grass-fed stuff I love so much. I don’t think the guitarists realizes you’re supposed to step on the reverb pedal periodically, rather than sitting on it. The guitars (or reverberizers, as they call them) don’t quite sync up with the electronic drums, and the bass is nearly non-existent. I’m not even talking about a bass guitar, it sounds like there isn’t any, it’s just missing everything that is low. I was blasting this music on my headphones with the subwoofers built-in, they almost vibrate off of my head they’re so responsive. Absolutely no vibrations. My ears actually evolved to the point of feeling emotions just so they could join in my disappointment. There are some deeper sounds, like the drums in “The Short Turn” but they’re not enough to make you feel anything.

Technical errors aside, it’s still an album you can easily enjoy. The Beef Terminal Facebook page names Boards of Canada as one of their main influences, and rightfully so. This is the kind of music you play when everyone else is asleep, and you need something chill to tickle your ears. This is the kind of music you play when you’re dead tired but can’t fall asleep. You stare out your window and watch the raindrops  trickle down the pane, pretending that they are racing one another. Beef Terminal is right there with you,  creating a rather appropriate soundtrack to the quiet parts of your life.

So whether you need a sleeping pill or a partner for these quiet times you have to yourself, Beef Terminal’s there for you, free to download on their bandcamp page.

Quite convenient, seeing how I wouldn’t pay to listen to it. They actually say on their Facebook page that it’s something you play at 3am. If I were up that early, I think Beef Terminal would knock me out right away.


tags: ambient electronic guitar late night post-rock Toronto

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