Postrockstar March Recap

It’s the start of spring! Flowers are blooming, snow is melting and Cloudkicker is…touring? What the hell! That’s right, Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker is taking his brand of djent-infused post-rock on the road for the first time ever as he will be accompanied on stage by Intronaut. While we can’t make any promises, if all goes well we may or may not have some exclusive photos and videos from one or more of Mr. Sharp’s performances.

March was a fun month for us here at Postrockstar, capped off with a round table review of Moonlit Sailor’s ‘We Come From Exploding Stars’. In case you didn’t religiously follow our site daily, here’s a recap of our month here at Postrockstar.

March Roundtable Review

Moonlit Sailor – We Come From Exploding Stars

Reviewed Albums

Plainfire – But When Words Fail (reviewed by James)

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (reviewed by TenaciousListening)

Audrey Fall – Mitau **MUST LISTEN** (reviewed by James)

Rocket Miner – Elegy (reviewed by Foofer)

Garden Party – EP II (reviewed by Erich)

Martyn Jackson – Home (reviewed by James)

Featured Albums

Twilight in Versailles – Capsule

Silencio – The Politics of Lonely

Cian – Sesión en vivo (DEMO)

One Star Closer – Another Shape of Purity

M83 – You And The Night (OST)

Larkahl – Journal

Fthia – emporiatrics v. 1​-​4


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