Postrockstar February Recap

Remember how when we wrote this thing last month we said we looked forward to getting back to status quo in February? Yeah, not so much! We’re continually being bombarded with new albums in our inbox on a daily basis, meaning more post-insanity for us and more great music for you! We’re trying our best to stay on top of the genre and deliver everything to our readers that is relevant to our realm of music, so if you’ve sent us something, rest assured it will find it’s way to the site in time.

This was an exciting month for Deep Elm Records, who not only saw the release of Moonlit Sailor’s latest album ‘We Came From Exploding Stars’ (look for the review here next month, most likely coming in the form of a Roundtable Review), but we also saw the post-rock Juggernaut announce that their entire album is going up for sale on a name your price basis ! We applaud Deep Elm’s decision to adapt a model that allows fans to pay what they feel an album is worth and hope their decision brings many new ears to the genre we love so much.

In case you didn’t religiously follow our site daily, here’s a recap of our month here at Postrockstar.

February Roundtable Review

Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Reviewed Albums

Show Me A Dinosaur – Dust (reviewed by James)

The Sound of Rescue – Forms (reviewed by Shooter)

Lo There I Do See My Brother – Of The Earth, Beneath The Sea (reviewed by Foofer)

Cinématique – Limbo (reviewed by ShaneXedge)

Cleft – Bosh! (reviewed by Foofer)

When Icarus Falls – Circles (reviewed by Erich)

Wander – Mourning (reviewed by Foofer)

Winds With Hands – (untitled)  (reviewed by ShaneXedge) **MUST LISTEN**

Mogwai – Rave Tapes (Roundtable Review)

Featured Albums

I Will Kill Chita – Risk

A Light Within – Preface (EP)

Deley – Adventures in Psychoacoustics

Comavoid – Comavoid

I will Kill Chita – Before We Disappear

Panda in a Shell – Valkyrie Constellation

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