Postrockstar January Recap

What a crazy busy month it has been for all of us here at Postrockstar. We’re looking forward to things returning to status quo in February. We have some big changes coming down the pipeline later this year (hopefully sooner than later) and I’m very excited for the future of our blog as we continue to help people discover the post* (everything) realm. Our future outlook is very bright (The Sun, The Sun, The in our eyes..etc) and the Postrockstar ship is sailing on smooth waters going forward. I’d like to publicly thank those who volunteer their time to write for Postrockstar, without them this site would likely not be able to exist.

In terms of musical releases, the year started off somewhat slow but January quickly turned into a huge month for the post-rock genre. This month we saw three MAJOR releases, those being Alcest’s ‘Shelter’, Mogwai’s ‘Rave Tapes’ and Thee Silver Mt. Zion’s ‘Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything’, the latter of which will be reviewed shortly on our site. Actually, ‘Rave Tapes’ will likely wind up being featured in our February ‘Roundtable Review’  so be on the lookout for that in about three weeks.

In case you didn’t religiously follow our site daily, here’s a recap of our month here at Postrockstar.

2013 Year End awards

Check out the albums that we thought were the very best of 2013.

2013 Postrockstar Spotify Playlist

Featuring every Spotify available album that was featured on Postrockstar in 2013

Staff Picks 2013



James (IamHop)





Musicians & Friends of Postrockstar Picks 2013

Matt Cherry (Maserati)

Nathaniel Noton-Freeman

Kit Day (This Patch of Sky)

Epileptic Peat (You Bred Raptors?)

Bryan Yost (The End of the Ocean)

Kaptain Carbon (

Mark Oliver (Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp)

Reviewed Albums

Sleep Dealer – Imminence (Reviewed by Foofer)

Hannibal Montana – 28-20 (Reviewed by Foofer)

Degree of Arc – Halls in Hospitals (Reviewed by TenaciousListening)

Ocean District – Expeditions (Reviewed by James (IamHop) )

Alcest – Shelter (Roundtable Review)

Featured Albums

Caspian – Hymn For The Greatest Generation

The Watermark High – Murmurs

Jesu – Every Day I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came

Jakel – The Black Sea

Iceberg Theory – I See Land

Message To Bears – Maps

Evergreen Refuge – Weminuchia (2013), Grey Rock, Red Earth (2013), As the Fires Burn (2013)

Rain Catalogue – Niche

Sleeping in Gethsemane – When The Landscape is Quiet Again

Mooncake – Zaris

Glacier – Mirrored Through The Ancients

Be Water – EP

Year of No Light – Tocsin

Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement

Their Methlab – EP

Enemies – Embark, Embrace

Bend The Sky – Observatory

Be Water – Everything To Come

Spooky Action – The Fierce & The Dead

Summer McKane – Select Visual History

Valerinne – Arborescent

Ahimsa – Qualia

East Forest – Pranna EP

Crooked Fiddle Band – Moving Pieces of the Sea

Listen, Earth – Demo

Selles – We Were Giants


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