Bryan Yost’s (The End of the Ocean) Top Picks of 2013

Our Guest today is Bryan Yost, Bassist for The End of the Ocean.

Currently he’s working on a pretty exciting project which in many ways seems similar to bandcamp, except for books! It’s called Litspring and you can check it out here

Click the album art to visit the band’s facebook/bandcamp/website/etc

Paysage D’Hiver – Das Tor
“A mammoth 4 song ep spread out over 80 minutes of atmospheric black metal that takes you on a journey through the most desolate winter you’ve ever experienced.”

The Appleseed Cast – Illumination Ritual
“The Appleseed Cast has continued to prove their relevance in a genre that they’ve always owned. This was a much anticipated album for me and it was a solid follow up to Sagarmatha and Middle States. This album flows effortlessly from start to finish.”

My Bloody Valentine – MBV
“After 22 years since their last release, My Bloody Valentine is finally back with a vengeance and gives us another huge dose of shoegaze that will tie us over even if we have to wait another 20 years for the next one.”

Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
“Party band Diarrhea Planet gives us yet another album full of fun backed by a onslaught of 4 guitars. Why haven’t you checked these guys out yet?”

Maranatha – Spiritless
“Collin Simula, the mastermind behind one-man band Maranatha, has given us one of the sludgiest albums of the year. This album is heavy, full of grime, with a touch of thrash and I love it.”

Extol – Extol
“An intense comeback album for a band I thought had gone by the wayside. A perfect epitome of previous albums makes this some of the best work of their long career.”

Year Of No Light – Tocsin
“Layers and layers and layers of pure genius. Tocsin is a massive, swelling, and vast ocean of sound.”

Horseburner – Strange Giant
“Incredible riffs of crucial rock and roll stoner metal. One of the loudest bands I’ve ever seen live.”

O’Brother – Disillusion
“Heavy in the right places and delicate where it counts. A genuine experience traversed by the leading of shimmering guitars, powerful songwriting, and alluring vocals.”

Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun
“Shai Hulud continues to develop their blueprint sound of melodic hardcore and gives us another hard hitting and faced paced album full of gut-wrenching, emotional anthems.”

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