Epileptic Peat’s (You Bred Raptors?) Top Picks of 2013

Today’s guest top picks are from Epileptic Peat, 8-string Bassist and Glockenspiel player for You Bred Raptors. If you live in the States on the Northern east coast, we HIGHLY recommend getting out to one of their shows!
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1) Wintergatan – Wintergatan
“Out of the ashes of my favorite band “Detektivbyran” comes the beautiful whimsical Wintergatan (loosely translated to The Milky Way) and their self titled debut album. Now a four piece and expanding past their busking roots and Yann Tiersen-esque simplicity, they have taken musical hoarding to a whole new level. And while the scope is larger than ever, the heart is still the same and it’s still just as goddamned brilliant. From eastern music to chiptune infused EDM to dare-I-say ‘rock and roll’, this album has everything. I think it is a good indication of what we have in store from this band. I know the feeling of letting go a ‘problem’ band member. And this seems to be the case with shedding the skin of Detektivbyran and starting fresh with Wintergatan. Positivity overcomes all. Especially if you are a beautiful group of Swedes. “
2) Russian Circles – Memorial 
“While I make no denial that the number one and two spots on the list encase two of my three favorite bands (still waiting for hologram Queen to Tupac an album from the grave for the trifecta), they have definitely earned their right to my throne of 2013. As an avid fan, I am loving the slow evolution of Russian Circles. To a casual listener the difference between “Enter” and “Memorial” is slight. But to us lifers, we appreciate the direction and the subsequent pace. The nostalgia of enjoying what made us love a band in the first place is juxtaposed to us understanding that longevity requires change and only in that can we appreciate growth. When a band jumps a few links in the evolution game it can be jarring and sometimes not all that pleasant (ahem ahem, Radiohead). On the flip side of that coin, when a band stays comfortable forever, it’s painstakingly boring. Looking at you, Chili Peppers.”
3) Queens of the Stone Age – …Like clockwork
“When I think of QOTSA, I think of the eternal question of the chicken or the egg. No one will deny that Josh Homme is the mad scientist behind the band. But while this is his proverbial baby, he makes no qualms about whoring himself out musically to a vast amount of projects with all different levels of time consumption. It is because of his vast versatility and extensive vocabulary that makes Queens of the Stone Age’s music always interesting. So, is it because Josh Homme is an amazing musician and composer that he can dabble in so many projects? Or is it BECAUSE he has his fingers in so many musical pots that he is now such an intriguing musician? Whatever the case, this album is fucking fantastic and should not disappoint any caliber of fan.”
4) The Cactus Channel – Wooden Boy
“This ten-piece Australian outfit’s new album expands on their earlier work of providing me with a 70’s car-chase soundtrack while I’m stuck in between train stations on my daily commute to work. They look like a bunch of band geek preppies (minus the organ player with dreadlocks and a nagging suspicion that he should have dirt on his face and carry around a ratty security blanket behind him). Their new works easily build on their previous debut album. While being fresh out of high school, it is obvious that these kids will have very rich future in music. As a band leader myself I can’t even imagine corralling nine other rapscallions including hot girls playing brass instruments. Because you KNOW those girls are trouble. “
5) M83 – Oblivion OST
“Okay, I don’t play a lot of video games. I especially steer clear of a lot of New-Gen games. I also full-on loathe most RPGs so this pic is weird for me. But my band ‘You Bred Raptors?’ does film scoring. I am also a soundtrack nerd and thrive on the goosebumps I get whilst listening to an epic piece of music. That ‘chasing the dragon’ feeling I get is fully satiated with this two hour sprawling landscape of sounds. M83 is nothing short of large in scope of their sounds. The difference between Oblivion and a full length soundtrack from Explosions in the Sky is the departure of a rock-band sound in favor of an orchestra. This might be self-serving but this band gives me hope that it’s possible to acquire the silly little dream I have of scoring music for hardcore dungeon porn. “
6) Zander Zon – Saturn Return
“Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a bass player so I must love every bass player out there. We all have a secret handshake and swear a blood oath to include each other on Top 10 lists in order to make up for all the shows where our singer or guitarist gets a post-show blowjob after they took too many pentatonic solos. Zander Zon is a bass player from London playing a ZON bass. These are fairly specialized fretless basses known for their smooth and liquidy sound. His melodies and harmonies are beautiful coupled with his simplistic approach with few overdubs and post production is easy to appreciate at a base level. Hardy fucking har… I didn’t plan that pun but fuck you, you’re getting it anyway. Zon’s new album is more mature and focused than his previous debut which was weighted down in showmanship and masturbatory technique. This guy does more with 4 strings than I can do with 8. (Secret handshake)”
7) Bangladeafy – The Briefcase
“Full disclosure: A good friend of mine is in this band and my brother did the graphic design for the CD. But that doesn’t make it any less badass. Speaking of bass, here we have Brooklyn based Bangaladeafy. A two piece bass and drum chaotic, frantic and all around ADHD creature. Their name comes from both the drummer of Bangladeshi descent and the over-half deaf bassist/composer, Jon Ehlers. He is seriously mostly deaf. He’s a friend, so to me, he’s a mouth cripple. He can read lips and we watch everything with subtitles. But he’s also one of the best bass players I’ve ever known. He has more than learned to cope with his physical, genetic ailment. The music cries a likeness to The Dillinger Escape Plan, Lightning Bolt and fellow slap/tap happy bassist Evan Brewer of the Faceless. Underneath the 200 BPMs and barking vocals are informed melodies and clever song structures. “
8) Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
“I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t at least point out that this album exists. Look, it’s been discussed to death so I don’t have much to add. It is on this list because it IS a fun album. It has some bitchin’ beats and aside from the over-saturated radio sludge wrought with YouTube covers are deep tracks that just kick very primitive ass. My only gripe is the inclusion of so many big name singers and producers. Does Pharrel need to be on fucking EVERYTHING? It’s a little much. I hoped they would be more confident with their product as a duo. I enjoyed Daft Punk more when they had little or no vocals. I don’t need some asshole singing about some stupid, vapid shit to drive the fact home that I wasn’t dressed nice enough to enter the club that it was prominently featured. I know this is EDM. Don’t overdo it. I’m not stupid. I know the song is about fucking.”
9) Pelican – Forever Coming
“Pelican continues their ‘stampede of elephants’ music with 2013’s ‘Forever Becoming’. I’ve discussed in other choices here about band dynamics vastly affecting the sound. This is Pelican’s first album after the departure of their longtime founding guitarist. By their own admission, this is a darker album dealing with those emotions. This can make a break an album in my opinion. The latter was shown in 1999’s ‘Antipop’ by Primus. Dealing with fatigue and cabin fever can contribute to an album being darker and more angry than once intended. For a band like Primus whom have always treated more sensitive subject material with a tempered touch of humor, the album felt like a definite end. On the other hand, Pelican’s album shines in its pressure and tension. The release is fantastic and the journey of not only the songs but the band evolving is radically apparent. It makes them as vulnerable as ever and etched another tree ring into their storied history. “
10) Sigur Ros – Kveikur 
“Speaking of members leaving, this is Sigur Ros’ first album without their founding keyboardist. The album is a definite improvement from 2012’s Valtari which drastically lacked balls. I loved the return to form. And while I did feel an element missing in certain songs left by the absent band member, it also opened up sound in other areas I wasn’t expecting. The scope of emotions showcased in Sigur Ros’ music leaves me wondering how they continually put out the amount of music they do. It would be emotionally tolling for anyone, let alone a couple of 85 pound pale guys from a really cold-ass country. The heart is ever-present in this band and while I get mocked for enjoying my cry-core as much as I do, I admire their tenacity and vision as a band. Having every band watch their documentary “Heima” should be a homework assignment once a year if for no other reason than to just make you feel like you aren’t doing enough with your music.”

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