Kit Day’s (Guitarist, This Patch of Sky) top picks of 2013

A new day and a new list courtesy of our friend Kit Day, guitarist for Oregon post-rockers This Patch of Sky. You can check them out on bandcamp or facebook (they just released a hell of an album, check the review here as well)

Click the album art to visit the artist’s website/Facebook/bandcamp/etc

As In We – As Above So Below
“A newer band I discovered this year, this album provides a solid foundation of technical post-rock over crushing guitar riffs and complex drumming.  A definite must listen if you’re into “math rock”.”

Moving Mountains – Self Titled
“This album is everything I loved about Pneuma.  I highly recommend watching the Telegraph Sessions of this album.”

Caspian – Hymn For The Greatest Generation
“This album is a little different from their previous work, but still good nonetheless.  I really enjoy the acoustic guitars they incorporate in the songs.”

Message To Bears – Maps
“This album has a very peaceful electronic/folk/ambient sound that seems to calm your nerves and make you feel like you’re floating.”

The Appleseed Cast – Illumination Ritual
“Its the Appleseed Cast.  Need I say more?”

TTNG (This Town Needs Guns) – 13.0000
I first discovered TTNG earlier this year on Audio Tree.  I was watching the live Caspian session and while browsing the rest of the artists I randomly clicked on their video.  The guitarist immediately captured my attention, and after the vocalist came in I was hooked.

This Will Destroy You – Live in Reykjavik, Iceland
“There are only a small handful of bands that I can listen to on repeat, every day, and not get bored.  This Will Destroy You is one of them.  Thankfully they released a live album for me to drown in.”

Human Pyramids – Planet Shhh!
“This album is very unique, very delightful, and very colorful.  If you’re a fan of Lymbyc Systym, you’ll most likely enjoy this album.”

Blien Vesne – Mientras Seamos Jovenes (While We Are Young)
“I accidentally stumbled across this album when I was trying to find new music for a road trip to Disneyland.  This album is fun to drive to, simply because you can drown out the chaos of the world and just breathe.  Plus the fact that they add minimal vocals in just the right places makes this album very pleasant to listen to.”

The Echelon Effect – Atlantic
“Dave from The Echelon Effect made this amazing album this year.  Give it a listen,  you won’t be disappointed.”

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