Matt Cherry’s (Guitarist, Maserati) Top Picks of 2013

Kicking off our guest picks week is Matt Cherry of Georgia electronic post-rockers Maserati . You can check them out at check them out on facebook.

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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Daft Punk has always had a huge influence on us.  They’re hard and dance-y, but also heavy at times in their own unique way.  We’ve taken cues from their use of low/high-pass filters on a bunch of our own records.  Although their new record is a big departure from the rest of their discography, it totally rules in its own disco-fleetwood laid back kinda way.  We have much respect for bands that branch out of their comfort zone.  

Todd Terje – Strandbar/Spiral 12”s

This guy is a genius when it comes to minimal, spaced-out, uptempo dance music.  The two EPs he put out this year are both phenomenal. 


I Am the Center Compilation 

An amazing compilation of old school “new age” music (for lack of a better term) dug up from probably the most dusty record bins in the world, re-mastered and released by equally-amazing reissue label Light in the Attic.  Totally timeless and classic in its own way.


Cave – Threace 

These guys are probably one of our favorite currently-active bands around.  Love how the band has progressed over the last five years across releases, from their earlier kraut-psych stuff up to this newer more laid back Miles Davis-y stuff.  All of it rules.  We had the chance to play with them a couple of months ago in Georgia and they are cool dudes to hang out with, too!   


Earthless – From the Ages

Completely mind-crushing, face-melting psych rock.  After listening to the last track on a late night road trip recently,  I felt a sense of awe and inspiration about new music for the first time in a long, long time. 


Rob – Maniac OST

Killer synth score to the new slasher film that came out this year.  If we’re being honest, the film itself is really just a backdrop to the fantastic music.  Very much in the vein of Carpenter, Goblin, etc.


Umberto – Confrontations 

  Badass synth tunes from one of my favorite solo artists around today.  Very prolific guy, too.


My Bloody Valentine – MBV

Let’s face it: this record should have sucked so bad, but is instead completely phenomenal.  An instant classic if  you ask me.  The fact that they were able to keep it a secret until the release date was also quite a treat. 


Sensations’ Fix – Music is Painting in the Air [1974-1977]

Cool Italian prog rock stuff recently reissued by the RVNG Intl label.  Stylistically it runs the gamut from minimal electronic blips and bleeps to full-band rock jams, but all totally A+ stuff. 


Jonas Reinhardt – Mask of the Maker

Maybe, just maybe, my favorite record of new music in 2013.  Found out about this “band” many years ago after their self-titled Kranky release blew my mind.  To be honest, though, the releases that followed over the last few years hadn’t really lived up to that first one, so I had set my expectations pretty low for this when it came out earlier this year.  Wow, though.  Just wow.  The whole thing is totally stellar.