Today We Give Thanks..

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to everyone who has made this site the success it is today. Thank you to all our readers, the bands who send us material to promote and the writers who have been generous enough to contribute their time to reviews for our site (especially Erich who has an excellent Cloudkicker review coming up tomorrow). This year has been a real learning experience for myself and the site as we continue to grow and try to improve on the foundation we have created in our brief existence.

Coming up in December, expect to see DOUBLE the amount of albums promoted on the site! We’ve fallen deeply behind on submissions and want to start 2014 off with that fresh slate I talked about in the State of the Union address. Also we’ll be doing our second annual Postrockstar year end awards and staff picks as the year comes to a close. December should be a fun month all around for the site as we try to play catch up, so prepare your ears for an onslaught of brilliant music!

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