Postrockstar State of the Union Part 3: All Hail Bright Futures

Here we are once again with the conclusion of this three part blog. You can read part one here and part two here. In the finale of this blog we’ll look at the site as it is current day and where we plan on going in the future.

We are hitting a reset button. Throwing out the playbook completely and starting over from scratch. Moving forward the current Postrockstar staff consists of Erich and myself. Anyone else who has written for us in the past (or wants to write for us in the future) is gladly welcome to, but they will have to come to us and let us know they are as serious about this blog as we are. We won’t be touching base with past writers to see if there is still interest in contributing to the site. It’s a harsh stance but I believe it is for the best. Less is more.

As of right now the current focus with Postrockstar is to help connect bands to music lovers. My aim was never to influence the decision of others towards on what they should listen to, but to guide them in the right direction.  Also it was never my intention to cause any harm to any band no matter how much I may not like their work (sorry to Fire Spoken By the Buffalo!). This is one of the primary reasons why I’ve done much more promoting of albums and less reviews in recent months, along with the time constraints of juggling Postrockstar and my personal life. In doing nearly 150 reviews for this site, I’ve learned that less reviews means more quality reviews. I really want my reviews to be more heartfelt and less generic so that they have lasting impact. Less is more.

I don’t read other review sites very often, but when I do seldom do I see the same connection I have with music between the reviewer and the album. When I don’t feel that connection that sparks great writing, I really lose all interest in what the writer has to say. I never want our readers to feel that way.  I write reviews nowadays to help pique interest in a album and convince the reader that this is album well worth their time. I don’t write reviews to influence others to like the same music I like.

Music shouldn’t be something we all have to agree is good for it to be good. I have a co-worker who also likes Post-Rock and Post-Metal. His theory on music is that the weirder it is the better, whereas I like a more defined and structured sound. The great thing about us is that while we both like the same genres, we like them for completely different reasons. I would never criticize his taste in music he enjoys and he would never criticize mine because we mutually agree that we enjoy music for two completely differing reasons.

As far as reviews go and future content on the site, moving forward our goal is to post one full review a week which will most likely be on Fridays. The albums we choose to review will be albums that we can connect to as listeners. This means that there will be albums sent to us by bands that won’t be reviewed. To make sure those albums still find their way to the site, we will still continue posting links to unreviewed albums on the days we don’t publish reviews, generally Mondays and Wednesdays. Maintaining this balance will allow us to put more time into the reviews we do publish while keeping artists seeking promotion happy as well. On both fronts we accomplish our goal of bringing new music to our readers.

A quick side note to any bands seeking reviews or promotion, please don’t forget to send us download links, codes, etc. Postrockstar is paid for completely out of our own pockets. We receive absolutely no compensation other than free music downloads and satisfaction in knowing we are helping spread the word about the music we love. While most bands have generally been really good about this, there are a few out there who not only wish to receive free publicity but also try to squeeze a sale out of us as well. I personally support as many bands as I can, but that is me doing so because I want to, not because I have to. Finally, to any bands who have contacted us in the past, you might have noticed our response time is slow and sporadic at best. We’re going to do our best to stay on top of all the contacts we receive, respond in a timely manner and be easier to access in general.

As for other content on the site, Erich and I have quite a few ideas we will try to roll out in the future. One idea I sort of like is a bi-weekly or even monthly round up of news tidbits such as album announcements, tours, etc etc. We’ve dabbled with news in the past and while I’ll admit I think it brought some flavor to the site, it is very hard to stay on top of current events. Also I’m not quite sure that breaking news is something that fits our demographic. Most of daily traffic this site generates is through google searches for past album reviews. I’m not sure if our target audience is interest in breaking or recent news around the post-rock stratosphere, so some input from our readers would be nice. What would you like to see on our site?

I really like writing these blog style posts and the idea of editorials and columns, so these will likely pop up from time to time. I think it’s good to show personality and try to connect with our readers by letting you guys know a little about who we are and what we are up to. Obviously this three part series went a little above and beyond that. I’m not quite sure if we’ll have anything quite the magnitude of the walls of text you’ve read this week, but you never know.

Finally I’d like to address the much stagnant and dingy design that has remained largely the same since our inception. It’s going to change, drastically. Expect a much brighter color scheme and perhaps a complete redesign or new style. I expect this transformation to the be the final step in our overhaul, signaling that are ready to start fresh. I want this change to be meaningful. I didn’t want to slap a fresh coat of paint on a product I wasn’t satisfied with. Postrockstar has been in desperate need of an overhaul and a clear cut direction for some time now. I was not happy with leaving the site on auto-pilot any longer than it had to be. We have the ability to create something special here. We are a platform for introducing bands to a widespread audience. It is important that we nurture that concept and watch it grow to fruition.

In closing, my promise to you is this. 2014 will be the year that Postrockstar truly shines. We’ve established a presence in the post-rock scene and now it is time to plant our roots and do what we do best.  I want to thank everyone who has ever checked out the site regardless of if it’s been for a brief moment or you’ve routinely checked our site since the beginning. We wouldn’t be able to help spread music to the masses if it wasn’t for your support.

What would you like to see from us going forward? What do you like? What don’t you like? Leave us a comment. Your insight is invaluable to us and allows us to better understand what our readers expect from us.

As always, Dream Away.
~ James