Good Weather For An Airstrike – A Sense of Uncertainty

A Sense Of Uncertainty cover art

Artist Good Weather For An Airstrike
Album A Sense of Uncertainty
Genre Ambient
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Label Releases through Hibernate Recordings / Sound In Silence / Rural Colours / Bad Panda / Audio Gourmet / Sonic Reverie Records / Hawk Moon Records
Release 22 June 2013

The Good Weather For An Airstrike project was initially conceived at the beginning of 2009 to help Winchester, UK based Tom Honey alleviate the issues caused by suffering from tinnitus, which causes a ringing sensation in the ear and can often result in difficulty sleeping. The idea was to create a collection of relaxing sounds which would help induce sleep.

Whales and Aurora – The Shipwreck

The Shipwreck cover art

Artist Whales and Aurora
Album The Shipwreck
Genre Post-Rock | Post-Metal
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Label  Slow Burn Records
Release 30 May 2012

Whales and Aurora’s project was born at the beginning of 2008 as a 5-piece band, with former members of LaPeste and the Simple Truth.
Psychedelic atmospheres of the early 70s, ethereal musical landscapes of the post-rock scene and warm powerful distortions give a polyhedral personality to the band.

“The Shipwreck” is the result of a long period of writing and composing sessions. It is a concept album that brings the listener, step by step, to a negative status of consciousness; a desperate, black and white vision which arrives to an apathetic acceptation of things as they are, as in the Sartre’s theories of existential angst: accepting the indifference of the physical world to man’s aspirations seeing that realization not only as a regret but also as an opportunity.
Passing by different chapters and different emotional landscapes, this difficult journey described by W&A is composed by 7 tracks. Recorded at Raptor Studio with producer Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco and Chris Dowhan from Planet Red Studios (Virginia, USA), who worked with bands such Giant, Spitfire, Night Like These and The Black Dahlia Murder.

One Day of December – Beginning of the End

Artist One Day of December
Album Beginning of the End
Genre Post-Rock
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Release 16 April 2013

One Day of December formed as an idea to make a conceptual musical project, that will take it self somewhere else then ordinary music. It’s a narrative about cold horizons and silent depths of life. The debut EP Beginning of the End was made in several months, looking for sound and a conception. As a result we got 5 songs that follow each other in a chronological order of events, and tell about a journey of a human, about challenges and experiences that he encounters. The name of each song is a logical meaning of the previews one. Each Song is a short story, a small segment of the path, which in the end leads the listener to a logical, and sometimes a very understandable end. Putting a meaning inside every song, we were trying to give it a feel of something that is full and complete, but still giving the listener space to think with there own imagination.