Sorsalampi Duo – Daydreaming – A Journey in Western Finland

Daydreaming - A Journey in Western Finland cover art

Artist Sorsalampi Duo
Album Daydreaming – A Journey in Western Finland
Genre Ambient | Soundscapes
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Release 5 March 2013

‘Sorsalampi’ is a beautiful pond, in a park, located near the center of Tampere, Finland. “Duck Pond”, in English, it is a great place to relax during the course of a busy day. The Sorsalampi Duo is an international effort with Carlo Polo playing Guitar and Percussion. Tomoko Hata plays the traditional Finnish Kantele. Their music is ambient music, that is music that is in concert with the environment. The Finnish landscape is viewed with two sets of eyes: Italy and Japan.

For the most part, this album is inspired by a true story. My journey began at a bus stop in Oulunsalo, Finland. I traveled (by foot) 40 kilometers through the Finish countryside. I made a stop at a small harbor, by the sea. I took the ferry to Hailuoto Island, inspired by the hazy blues and greens of that summer day! I finally reached my destination, the lighthouse at Marjaniemi where the road ends.

In 2003, I traveled there with my family. I fell in love with Hailuoto Island and vowed to return to this lonely and wonderful place.
Note: The song “Water Sound” is taken from the album “Timothy’s Monster” – Motorpsycho (1994). Thank You

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