Grey Storia – Martonic

Martonic cover art

Artist Grey Storia
Album Martonic
Genre Post-Rock
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Label  14 Tower Records
Release 04 February 2013

Since the fall of 2009, when they first met, guitarist Paul Gemignani and drummer Daniel Hogans have been jamming together in garages and bedrooms. After much of their jam sessions started to become more drawn out instrumental pieces than anything else, Paul and Hogans started slowly constructing original compositions. Then after the encouragement of family and friends, they decided to lay down some of their original tracks in the Spring of 2011 at Bandwagon Studios – cutting 3 live demo songs under the band name, theLakeSuperior. After having warm feedback and positive comments about the 3 songs, they decided to move forward as a band, working on more material and playing when they could.

Then in the Fall of 2012 they took on the task themselves, under the bands new and official name GREY STORIA, of recording, mixing and mastering their first Album EP, MARTONIC. Officially releasing it under the bands own label – 14 Tower Records.