Cathodes – Ghosts of People We Should Have Been

Ghosts Of People We Should Have Been cover art

Artist Cathodes
Album Ghosts of People We Should Have Been
Genre Post-Rock
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Release 01 March 2013

An eclectic, experimental instrumental band whose chief concerns are shredding eardrums and melting faces, Cathodes was formed in 2011 by former members of Redditch’s Keiko, Cheltenham’s Nurse and Derby’s YouNoGoDie. Rather than rehearse in service stations between these locations they decided to set up shop in Birmingham, where they set themselves to honing a set of tunes that fused post-rock, mathcore, alternative and grunge into a dark, heady brew that led one seasoned observer to note, “You’re like the evil version of The Shadows, you are.”


Sorsalampi Duo – Daydreaming – A Journey in Western Finland

Daydreaming - A Journey in Western Finland cover art

Artist Sorsalampi Duo
Album Daydreaming – A Journey in Western Finland
Genre Ambient | Soundscapes
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Release 5 March 2013

‘Sorsalampi’ is a beautiful pond, in a park, located near the center of Tampere, Finland. “Duck Pond”, in English, it is a great place to relax during the course of a busy day. The Sorsalampi Duo is an international effort with Carlo Polo playing Guitar and Percussion. Tomoko Hata plays the traditional Finnish Kantele. Their music is ambient music, that is music that is in concert with the environment. The Finnish landscape is viewed with two sets of eyes: Italy and Japan.

For the most part, this album is inspired by a true story. My journey began at a bus stop in Oulunsalo, Finland. I traveled (by foot) 40 kilometers through the Finish countryside. I made a stop at a small harbor, by the sea. I took the ferry to Hailuoto Island, inspired by the hazy blues and greens of that summer day! I finally reached my destination, the lighthouse at Marjaniemi where the road ends.

In 2003, I traveled there with my family. I fell in love with Hailuoto Island and vowed to return to this lonely and wonderful place.
Note: The song “Water Sound” is taken from the album “Timothy’s Monster” – Motorpsycho (1994). Thank You

Solkyri – Are You My Brother?

Are You My Brother? cover art

Artist Solkyri
Album Are You My Brother?
Genre Post-Rock | Experimental
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Label Bird’s Robe Records
Release 07 May 2013

Solkyri are a post‐rock band from Sydney, Australia. Combining subtle ambient textures, crushing distortions and pulsating walls of sound, this album forms a beautiful yet haunting brand of captivating instrumental rock music.

In February 2011, Solkyri released their debut EP titled ’No House’ . Since releasing their debut EP, Solkyri have established themselves as one of Australia’s best new instrumental bands. With airplay on Triple J and community radio, the band have toured with the heavyweights of the experimental scene including sleepmakeswaves, Laura, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and Meniscus, as well as headlining their own club shows along the east coast.

’Are You My Brother?’ is the band’s debut album and it was released through Bird’s Robe Records on May 7, 2013. This album makes use of a plethora of instruments and tone colours to paint a vivid picture that encompasses a myriad of colour and mood. ’Are You My Brother?’ displays the band’s intention to experiment musically outside of the world of post-rock, whilst still paying homage to all that is beautiful about the genre.

Grey Storia – Martonic

Martonic cover art

Artist Grey Storia
Album Martonic
Genre Post-Rock
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Label  14 Tower Records
Release 04 February 2013

Since the fall of 2009, when they first met, guitarist Paul Gemignani and drummer Daniel Hogans have been jamming together in garages and bedrooms. After much of their jam sessions started to become more drawn out instrumental pieces than anything else, Paul and Hogans started slowly constructing original compositions. Then after the encouragement of family and friends, they decided to lay down some of their original tracks in the Spring of 2011 at Bandwagon Studios – cutting 3 live demo songs under the band name, theLakeSuperior. After having warm feedback and positive comments about the 3 songs, they decided to move forward as a band, working on more material and playing when they could.

Then in the Fall of 2012 they took on the task themselves, under the bands new and official name GREY STORIA, of recording, mixing and mastering their first Album EP, MARTONIC. Officially releasing it under the bands own label – 14 Tower Records.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – Failed by Man and Machine

Failed by Man and Machine cover art

Artist Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
Album Failed by Man and Machine
Genre Post-Rock | Prog-Rock | Experimental | Spoken Word
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Label  Bird’s Robe Records
Release 06 March 2013

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving’s music demands attention. Whether it’s through a live performance or a recording, the music demands that the listener devote their undivided consciousness to the experience. Vocals are scarce – but this is not background music. By way of a piano-led amalgamation of prog, post-rock, jazz, noise, metal and classical film soundtracks, TToL have crafted something of their own: sometimes intensely heavy, relentless and epic; at other times fragile and intricate.