Lite – Installation

Artist Lite
Album Installation
Genre Post-Rock | Math-Rock
Web Facebook
Label  I Want The Moon
Release 05 June 2013
Rating: Very Good

While I was taking notes for this review I wrote down LITE = ((You Bred Raptors? – Jazz) + YouSlut!)/Four Tet. Now I don’t really know if that makes sense and I am very sure that this formula could be debunked by a multitude of people better versed in the way of instrumental math rock than I. However, what I can say is that Installations is a great work that is immediately pleasing but warrants multiple playbacks to really absorb the subtle nuances that are weaved into each track.

What really interested me was the way in which the tracks very often come on with a sense of urgency, but with an overlaying chilled out vibe. Completely contradictory, but I cannot explain it any better. Typically math rock guitar lines dance around the instruments and pan through the mix like thoughts through the mind of a speed freak. The bass keeps the funk in place, while the drums skit around manically. The occasional synth or piano line gives some instrumental variation. Initially I struggled to part the tracks, but after listening more and more I was finally rewarded with an album that intrigues and surprises with each play.

Starry Morning” immediately reminds me of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, but only the first couple of notes. It is an intro that builds over its 52 second length with piano, bass and guitar. It is beautiful but somewhat misleading as when the first full track “Echolocation” starts we’ve suddenly got smooth, funky math rock. The arrangements throughout are often very complex without sounding contrived. Even the different time signatures and syncopation do not sound forced; overall every instrument has a certain spatial awareness that stops it from treading on another’s toes or overstaying its welcome.

Honestly I am struggling to do a track by track review as most of the ingredients are the same in each track, just combined imaginatively to give each track its own voice. Some are funky, some make you want to dance. Some build around one idea, others are more traditionally arranged. I believe that to be the reason that this album is far from immediate and one that you should give some of your time to really let it get under your skin.

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