Tropic of Coldness – Unrelated Causalities

unrelated causalities cover art

Artist Tropic of Coldness
Album Unrelated Causalities
Genre Ambient | Drone | Field Recordings
Buy/DL Bandcamp
Web Facebook
Release 15 February 2013

“Tropic of Coldness” is an Italian-American duo, who met by chance, or maybe not, in Brussels, Belgium during the autumn of 2011. David is a guitarist, synth and sample player, already active on the Brussels scene with his electro / experimental project “Drawing Virtual Gardens”. Giovanni plays guitar, voice and samples for the North- East Italian band “Fuji Apple Worship”, involved in a melting pot of drones, field recordings and minimal sound sculptures.
Since its beginning in November 2011, Tropic of Coldness focused on drones / ambient / electro-acoustic originated from improvised session, with layers of processed guitars and synths, analogue and digital sounds, surrounded and filtrated by field recordings.

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