Den Svenska Adeln – Riter & Teorem

Riter & Teorem cover art

Artist Den Svenska Adeln
Album Riter & Teorem
Genre Post-Rock  | Experimental
Buy/DL Bandcamp
Release 11 May 2013

Throughout the ages and in this now – from the dawn of time until the end of ages – mankind has been and is still searching for purpose. We say: be all you can be, and be naught – for the truth is but an illusion to be swept away by night. The orbs – the spherical lights – provide answers: they speak when spoken to through powerful rites, based upon ancient truths and radical theories. We do not turn our backs on the pain of the infant. We embrace the fact that it’s part of the journey, a lasting curse and blessing that enlighten us with the gift of purity. Not purity in the sense of abstinence, but in the power of amazement when staring through the looking glass instead of living with a status quo of closed lids.

In 8 sealed urns – eight – 8 sonic spiritual offerings – we offer others to get a first sense of what has been, is and will be. The first 4 – four – 4 are physical. Power and indulgence for the body. The other four – 4 – four are mental, but spiritual and transcendental. Ways to achieve comprehension. Not so much a means to an end, as a chance for a new beginning. All starts and ends here.

Yours, in and out of all,
Den Svenska Adeln

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