Orbit over Luna – 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima​/​Miyajim

広島/宮島 - Hiroshima/Miyajima cover art

Another great release from of the mind of Toronto musician Shannon Penner. A Chilling ambient journey that is rhythmically soothing and positively inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Orbit over Luna – 広島/宮島 – Hiroshima​/​Miyajim

  1. I really enjoyed Orbit Over Luna’s 京都​/​奈良 – Kyōto​/​Nara. It was brilliant. Unfortunately this release doesn’t do it for me. It’s nice enough, but doesn’t deliver the same relaxed state that 京都​/​奈良 – Kyōto​/​Nara did. That’s not to say that this release is bad, it’s just not inspiring me.

    • I think when I first heard Kyōto​/​Nara there was a certain charm to it that I hadn’t really experienced before. It’s hard to replicate that sort of feeling of newness. It’s like, you get one shot to make a first impression, and if it’s a good one, you leave a lasting impression. That’s what K/N did for me. I do enjoy this record too and I wouldn’t say that it’s lackluster by any means, it’s just that I knew what to expect before I hit play.

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