Postmadonna – POSTMADONNA


Artist Postmadonna
Album ‘Postmadonna’
Genre Math-Rock
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Label None
Release April 1 2013
Rating Excellent

Postmadonna‘s “POSTMADONNA” continues right along the same vein as last year’s EP, “Introducing Postmadonna“. This album hearkens back to classic rock territory in that there’s only 9 tracks, 2 from the aforementioned EP. The whole album clocks in at around 25 minutes. With that length, there’s no time for wasted space.

The album jumps right off in “Shredder“. The track starts off with a spastic, jazzy, meedly-meedly guitar solo that makes you scratch your head a little bit; what am I listening to? The song coalesces into a groovy, melodic, catchy track. “Shredder” features the vocals of Jamie Weber from  Dear Mister Manager, another Seattle math rock-ish band. Let’s hear it for collaborative cross-pollination!

Rather than talking about tracks individually, let me speak to the album as a whole. The album is short, with only 9 tracks, but it doesn’t feel like 9 tracks. It feels very cohesive, very planned out. There’s a real flow to it, and it’s great to put on and listen and think. It will demand your attention from time to time, regardless of what you are doing while listening. There are plenty of intricacies in the music, from weird delay-pedal-driven sound effects to quick guitar slips and slides, vocal melodies, bass melodies, harmonics here and there, and all the clicks, slaps, cracks and booms of a drummer that kills it song after song.

What you start to notice while listening to this album is that Postmadonna is playful. All the little noises here and there, the gang melodies found throughout, the guitar bends scattered about; these guys are having a blast and it just oozes from this record. Mid-way through the album, the listener is treated to an interlude of violins, cleansing the aural palette and giving a breather before launching into “Seamonster“, a barely over 2 minute track that satisfies like a 5 minute track. The album closes out with “WLRS“, which is an homage to The Beatles and a fantastically playful track. Starting with a simple piano melody and building from there, it has its tongue firmly in cheek and a wild group vocal, closing out the album with a dog singing along.

This is a solid, fun album that has the infectious hooks of your favorite pop band but chops enough to impress your musician friends and plenty to enjoy therein. The album has been one of the top albums in category “math rock” on bandcamp since it launched at the beginning of April. Go check it out!