El Ten Eleven has gear stolen, prompts early pre-orders of ‘Transitions’ Remixed.

Earlier this week our friends El Ten Eleven suffered a major setback just days prior to heading out for tour when the majority of their gear was stolen from their car while at the studio.  In response to help offset costs, the band has put their latest effort, a remix album of 2012’s much heralded ‘Transitions’ album,  up for presale on their bandcamp.  There is a whole slew of options available including some swanky VIP packages that can net you time with the band when they come to your neck of the woods. To read more about the situation check out El Ten Eleven’s facebook page or read more below:


Today our road manager parked my car that was full of our gear outside of our rehearsal studio, went inside to get the room ready and came back out a half hour later to find almost all of the gear stolen. It happened in broad daylight at 3pm on a very busy street.

Kristian’s double neck, fretless Wal bass, both pedal boards, and basically Tim’s entire drum kit (rototoms, cymbals, snare, kick pedal, all of his electronic drum equipment, and bass head) were stolen.

We are really, really screwed. Our tour is supposed to start in three days.

As you probably know, we are the hardest working band in show business and will do anything we can to still do the tour. We are utilizing every resource we can think of to get gear.

We are going to release our remix album next week but we are going to put one of the songs up for sale right now to raise some funds. If you have extra money and can donate to our cause, we would be unbelievably grateful.

This is sort of an emergency Kickstarter type of thing, but we aren’t going to use Kickstarter because it takes too long, the campaign has to be approved, we have to meet a goal, etc. Instead, we’re just gonna put the song up on Bandcamp and let you pay what you want for it. If you have extra money and can donate to our cause, we would be unbelievably grateful.

We hate begging for money. That’s why we’re offering a download. We want you to get at least something. But the truth is we need your help. If you enjoy our music and/or our shows and can afford to, please help us get back on the road! We are desperate.

If you can’t afford to spend any money but want to help, please spread the word. Especially if you are in Southern California. This gear is unique. There are very few Carvin double necks, Wal basses or roto toms out there. We’ll be watching the pawn shops, ebay and Craigslist like hawks. Maybe you can, too.

Also, the two A-holes who took the stuff apparently are Latino, in their 20’s and of average build. That’s about all we got from one witness.

Again, please know how much we hate asking for money, but if every person who liked us on Facebook just gave one buck, we could really start rebuilding our set up.

Thank you so much for your time. You can’t imagine how grateful Tim and I are at the support you’ve given us over the years. We still can’t believe you like us!

Thank you, thank you.


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