The Autumn Leaves Fall In – “The Different Visions of Things”

The Different Visions Of Things cover art

Artist The Autumn Leaves Fall In
Album The Different Vision of Things
Genre Post-Metal / Drone
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Label Independent
Release 17 January 2013
Rating Very Good

The Autumn Leaves Fall In are a deafening post-rock/Post-Metal band from Italy who have the keen ability to create beautiful soundscapes only to blow them up with Thick guitar work that groans in agony and despair. The Florence 3-piece put out their latest album, ‘The Different Visions Of Things’ as a DIY release on bandcamp in January and I have to say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the maturity and craftsmanship presented throughout the album. Formed in 2010 these fine gents have created one hell of a record that fans of highly moody soundscapes should lavish.

From the alluring drone post-rock of “We Were One” to the layered guitar work of “Chinese Shadows Theater” which embeds multiple different styles of guitar that build in a calculating and methodical, edging but never reaching full fruition. Bass is rich and warm, playing the perfect minimalist partner to guitar work that drives each of the 6 tracks. One element of this album I really enjoy is that drummer Alessandro Lucarini never tries to do too much behind the kit. When guitar work isn’t front and center, Lucarini provides a solid beat and when the guitar peaks throughout the tracks there isn’t the non-stop cymbal riding that is rampant in post-rock. A perfect example of this is the track “Deeper Through It” in which he maintains a relatively straight forward beat that pushes the track along, pairing beautifully with the drone guitar static, only intensifying towards the end of the track as the whole song comes to a head.

Honestly this is one of the better releases I’ve heard all year in terms of heavier post-rock. We’ve seen a lot of “pretty” and “twinkly” third wave releases so far in the first month and half of the year, but not too many heavier albums that let your mind drift off to aural soundscapes and loud static-filled passages.  ‘The Different Visions of Things’ does a great job filling that void. This Will Destroy You and God Is An Astronaut fans should be feel right at home with The Autumn Leaves Fall In. This is an album that definitely has earned it’s spot on my ipod and should see ample amounts of play throughout the year. 2-15-13