New Videos from The End of the Ocean and Lights & Motion. New song from Bleakblow!

Postrockstar is making your Thursday 900% better with an infusion of audio and video goodness courtesy of Crescendo-core rockers The End of the Ocean, Lights & Motion and  U.K  post-rockers Bleaklow who are the creators of the 24-minute epic The Sunless Country.

First, Bleaklow surprised us all this week by posting their first song in quite a while which just happens to be a cover of Cult of Luna’s “Leave Me Here”. With COL’s ‘Vertikal‘ recently released the timing couldn’t be any better. Check it out below.

Next, Lights & Motion have released a music video for the song “Home” off their latest album ‘Reanimation’ which has seen warm reception all across the web and was subject to our first roundtable review of the year, receiving an excellent rating in the process. This is the first ever time we’ve seen a glimpse of the face of Christoffer Franzen, the mastermind behind Lights & Motion .  Be sure to check it out below, it’s a fantastic video that perfectly compliments the track.

Last but certainly not least The End of the Ocean, who took home the award for Postrockstar’s Best EP of 2012 for ‘In Excelsis’ were recently named one of the top 5 bands to watch in 2013 by Columbus Alive. This is a huge endorsement for the crescendo-core rockers who are off to a great start in 2013 as they gear up for a March tour that includes a FREE mega-show with the likes of If These Trees Could Talk, Gifts From Enola and Sunlight Ascending. Now that you’ve been bombarded with links, we hope you’re still with us to enjoy this video shot by Columbus Alive..

2 thoughts on “New Videos from The End of the Ocean and Lights & Motion. New song from Bleakblow!

  1. Had a chance to see The End Of The Ocean live at this Bands to Watch 2013 show. They opened the night, and they were great. I convinced some friends to go and they seemed to enjoy it. The crowed had not quite developed yet, which made me sad because these guys are truly great. I try to see them any time they play here at home.

    • TEOTO are one of my favorite bands in the whole wide world. Getting to see them live last year and shoot photos/video was one of the highlights of my 2012. It breaks my heart that I don’t live anywhere near Ohio to see them more often! ~ Hop

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