**2013 Reviews**

Are you in a band and would like Postrockstar to promote and potentially review your album that was released in 2013 ? Email us at Postrockstars@gmail.com with band information (facebook, bandcamp, etc) and if possible a copy or link to download your band’s album in either 320kb MP3 or FLAC.

We will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.

(The below list is wildly outdated and will be updated at the end of the year)

Must Listens

Cult of Luna – Veritikal [1/30/13]

Light Bearer – Silver Tongue [3/18/13]

Excellent albums/EP’s

Lights & Motion – Reanimation [1/25/13]

Consciousness Removal Project – Tacit [2/1/13]

Jardin De La Croix – 187 Steps to Cross the Universe [3/6/13]

My Bloody Valentine – M B V [3/8/13]

Dorena – Nuet [3/13/13]

And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures [3/27/13]

Shy , Low – Binary Opposition [4/11/13]

On Wings of Wax – The Empty Bed [4/13/13]

Postmadonna – Postmadonna [4/18/13]

We.Own.The.Sky – The Glass/Nails EP [6/21/13]

RQTN – Passenger EP [6/28/13]

Very Good Albums/EP’s

Heaven on Howitzers – Hum “I” Eternally at the Heart of the Universe [1/18/13]

Our Ceasing Voice – That Day Last November [1/23/13]

Lost in the Riots – Stranger in the Alps [2/4/13]

Locomotora – This Very Holding Back [2/18/13]

The Autumn Leaves Fall In – The Different Visions of Things [2/20/13]

The King Said – Comet Chaser [2/27/13]

Huldra – Monuments, Monoliths [3/20/13]

Emphasis – Gliding all over [4/2/13]

Mandela Eyes – Let Our Minds Be Languageless, Let Our Bodies Be Verbose [4/4/13]

Psychotree – Black January [5/31/13]

Sea of Years – Ocean Rift [6/14/13]

set and setting – Equanimity [6/19/13]

Meanings – Things Do Get Better [6/24/13]

Sigur Ros – Kveikur [7/5/13]

Solid/Good Albums/EP’s

J.R. Alexander – Moments EP [2/6/13]

Nomads – Nomads [2/13/13]

Tortuganonima – Tortuganonima [1/21/13]

Microcause – Producing the Universe [1/28/13]

Oak  – Not Afraid Anymore [2/8/13]

City of the Lost – At the Edge [2/11/13]

We Used to have Horses – Parts [2/22/13]

To Sail Beyond the Sun – Illusions EP [3/1/13]

Nathaniel Noton-Freeman – Seabirds [4/9/13]

I hear Sirens – Between Consciousness and Sleep [6/28/13]

Houston, We’ve Got Problems – Welcome to the Moon, Friend [7/10/13]

Handwrist – He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing [7/12/13]

Average Albums/EP’s

Surgeon – Fjords [2/25/13]

Long Distance Calling – The Flood Inside [3/11/13]

Below Average Albums/EP’s

5 thoughts on “**2013 Reviews**

  1. Your ‘Must Listen’ artists are more like lyrical post-metal (Isis or Pelican) rather than traditional instrumental post-rock. They are good, but I wouldn’t classify them as must listens for post-rock of 2013.

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