Psychojet – The Sea is Never Full – 84%

The Sea Is Never Full cover art

Psychojet is a four piece band from Belfast that Postrockstar writer Zicowoods plays bass in. I promised him that when his band released their album one of us would gladly review it, but make no mistake, there will be no favoritism shown here. Released earlier this month, Psychojet‘s debut release is ‘The Sea is Never Full‘ and is just over 26 minutes of music spanned across 7 tracks. While the band describes themselves as “contemporary instrumental” I’d like to think the band fits somewhere near the ranks of And So I Watch You From Afar and Mental Architects with their brand of playful yet textured upbeat post-rock.

Latitudes” kicks the album off and is infectiously catchy tune served medium rare with a warm spiraling crescendo center. “Fibonacci” is next up and opens with a guitar tone that seems reminiscent of 80’s surfer-rock. This uptempo track is one of those fun tracks that always seems to get stuck in your head. Guitar work is bright and cheerful and the textures compliment one another quite well. “False Cresendo” is where the band shows off some of their more technical side with stellar guitar work and solid song writing.

“The Quiet Approach” is a shorter track that  feels a lot like an ambient track being covered by a post-rock band. I know that might sound crazy, but the song has a very minimalist feel to it until it reaches the ending 30 seconds or so. This track leads into “No Good (Start The Dance)” , which feels either like an expansion to the previous track or a transitional track however you look at it. “7/6” is the most upbeat track on the album and is a song you just can’t help but bob your head to. I guess you can call me a sucker for a catchy guitar hook. The album wraps up with “When Today Ends”, easily the best work on the album and feels like the most complete and focused track. Ending an album on a strong note is never a bad idea.

‘The Sea is Never Full’ is one of those albums that seems like the perfect introductory album for someone just getting into post-rock. At only 26 minutes, I found myself wanting just a few more minutes of music. Still though, I find this album to be a solid debut by a band whose future is as a bright as their tones. 12-25-12

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