Postmadonna – INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA (ep) – 90%


(IamHop note: Please welcome Tim D. to Postrockstar. Tim is a musician who currently plays bass for Seattle-area band Syas ( . Going forward, Tim will be bringing us music reviews and coverage of bands discovered through his involvement with the local music scene. )

If you believe that first impressions are the most important impressions, then introductions are a large portion and are thus of great importance. ‘INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA‘ by Postmadonna is a fantastic introduction that leaves a lasting impression of incredulous awesome.

The real gem of this too-short EP is “Whose Absinthe Is This?”; it has easily become my favorite song to listen to after a beer or two. It’s a stellar example of music that is as catchy as it is complex. It’s dense enough to stand up to repeated listens, yet still offer some new sound or feel each time. You can also tune out the intricacies and just enjoy the groove and immediate melody. From the background vocals and well-placed harmonic here and there, this is a song that was not written but crafted, that must have been thought out and pieced together with the overall grand view in mind. Each instrument has its’ time to shine, much like jazz; there’s a time and a place for spastic drums, there’s a time and place for bass to pop up and dance around, and there’s a time for delicate guitar work. This tune has all of these and then some.

“Shroomiverse II” is a too-short song that is just fun to listen to; it starts with a gallop that leads to a beautifully dreamy bit and ends with an otherworldly conversation with no one in particular. The EP is bookended by a mathy 8-bit sounding instrumental, and an acoustic/string section sing along that are nearly polar opposites stylistically but they play together well.

‘INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA’ is well worth the price of admission. This is a solid outing of songs with catchy melodies that aren’t afraid of nerding out, technically challenging music that will get stuck in your head after only a few listens. You can download it for free but really you should toss these guys some money so they make a full length!

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