El Ten Eleven Live in Seattle 11/10/12

    Last weekend I had the privilege of seeing El Ten Eleven perform in my hometown of Seattle and it was by far the most unique post-rock concert I have ever been to. Their latest album, ‘Transitions‘, which received a 95% last month on Postrockstar,  has been in constant play in my headphones so I had really been looking forward to see how that material would translate in their live performance given how deeply layered most of it is. Sure enough, the duo performed many of the songs off of ‘Transitions‘ flawlessly. Dual-neck guitarist Kristian Dunn is an absolute master of his craft at executing the bands signature sound by looping everything from his own guitar to beats from drummer Tim Fogarty’s kit. Even though I had a pretty good idea of how Kristian was able to produce El Ten Eleven’s textured music live, the brilliance and execution never truly dawned on me until the band performed the title track from ‘Transitions‘ later on in their set. Even though Kristian explained to the crowd how everything was performed live, I have to believe that his spiel went completely over the head of the high-energy crowd as they begged for more music.  The band performed a well-rounded 90 minute set, covering both an excellent range of old and new material as a light show from the band’s newly built stage wall played behind them.

    As I mentioned before, the Seattle crowd was loud and really into the band and their unique sound. The show attracted roughly 400-500 people, which surprised me to be perfectly honest. For a genre that is somewhat obscure, post-rock shows in Seattle definitely attract crowds of people from all different backgrounds. The show was opened by an indie-rock band called Yourself and the Air who didn’t appeal to me but the hipster Seattle crowd ate them up. Following them was an excellent drum and bass electronic show by Michna, who performed his set through a laptop as he projected images onto two huge blow up balloons as a light show also played. Michna‘s performance is out of the ordinary but is definitely a visually stimulating show. The tour wraps up on 11/17 in San Diego so if you missed them this time around you might have to wait a little while to catch them again. Trust me, it will be worth the wait!

    Below you will find some photos from the show. Click any of them to be redirected to a photo album containing over 50 photos taken at the show!

Kristian channeling his inner Jonsi by playing bowed guitar!

Tim rocking the kit as the light show pulsates to his every hit.

This is post-rock!

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