A Call to Arms! Postrockstar.com is seeking writers!

When Postrockstar.com began nearly 3 months ago it started off as a small blog that would serve host to my ramblings and thoughts on post-rock and non post-rock albums. There were no intentions of helping expose smaller bands and there were no standards of quality to adhere to. It was simply one man doing his own thing. Over the last 90 days the blog has taken off far beyond my wildest dreams and as a result we’re seeing traffic in the area of 4000-5000 hits a month. In addition, we’re constantly seeking out new post-rock/post-metal/math-rock/ambient and shoegaze albums from lesser known bands and we’re also being asked by those bands to review their work. The demand has become overwhelming and I’m now focused on bringing spotlight to new bands and releases rather than just giving my opinion of their music, which can be evident in the neutral stance I’ve tended to take in the majority of my recent reviews.

That’s why we need you! Are you a talented writer who wants to be featured on a site that averages roughly 150 unique visits a day? Are you passionate about post-rock and related genres to the point where you feel you can accurately compare and contrast albums to one another in an effort to determine the best of the bunch? Or maybe you’ve just got creative juices running through your veins and need a place to express yourself? If so, I want you to come write for postrockstar.com as we take the next step forward. I have big plans for this website and would like to see the site grow to include news, interviews, features and more in addition to album reviews. None of these plans will see the light of day however unless I find like-minded individuals willing to step up to the plate and produce content for the site as we plow through our backlog of albums and look ahead to 2013.

This website is a 100% self-funded project that sees absolutely zero revenue. As of right now I am strongly against monetizing the site due to the fact that I don’t want to compromise the integrity of the website. Pop-ups and banners are annoying. I don’t want to see them and neither do you.  Perhaps in the future when we move the site off of wordpress I’ll soften my stance but as of right now I stand in firm in those beliefs. What I’m getting at is I cannot offer any sort of financial compensation to those who wish to write for the site. I can however offer promotion and support to whatever website and/or project you are affiliated with. If you think that this is a fair trade and think you would be a good fit for the site please go ahead and send an email with writing sample to postrockstars@gmail.com . Thanks!

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