Sinobola – Idea EP – 86%

I’m introducing a young band founded in 2010 in Poltave, Ukraine, who started with the relatively simple setup of two guitars and drums but then quickly added a bassist to round out their sound. As we will soon discover their sound feels far from simple, even in this short three song EP.  I do not get a feeling of inexperience or lack of cohesion from these guys, it sounds as if they’ve been playing together for much longer than a couple of years.

Lovely tones greet us washed by distortion intermittently – I’m welcoming the tone selection.  Drums amp up the pace and it feels like we’re off to a great start for this short EP.  The main riff kicks in and it’s catchy as hell.  Building up to an impressive start, I’m not hearing anything terribly innovative but nor do I care at this point.  The length of the song seems appropriate, anything longer and we’d start to get a bit repetitious.  This is a great example of restraint and album engineering.

Second track starts off like a sound check but quickly we’re building up to a release that feels extremely powerful.  After the surge, I’m welcoming the twill of shimmering guitars we are all accustomed to in this genre.  I really dig the interplay between guitars in the mid-section of the track – layers on layers on top of a tight drumbeat, I have no complaints.  We have an excellent bridge, starting to notice the care they put into their sound, surprising from such a young band.  They’re invoking the post-metal traits of more well-known acts such as Long Distance Calling or Toundra.

Finally, the Estrangement begins with a deep groove which amps up the anticipatory level a good bit.  Towards the meat of the tune, we revisit the shining guitars for a moment before another buildup to what I refer to as a pseudo-climax.  They really show off their ability to transition between loud and quiet, which is essential to this style of music. Later on in the tune, we do get that release that was hinted at from the start.  The guitars get a biting tone, the drums really quicken the pulse and you’re forced to start bobbing your head.  By the end, you’re waving the devil horns in your hands and begging for more. 8/22/12

Their music is freely downloadable on their page: