Jakarta Project – Geographic – 83%

Geographic cover art

The Jakarta Project are still much a mystery as a band as the Russian post-rockers have very little web presence. Even after translating their Russian Lastfm.ru page it is impossible to find out even how many members are in the band. Their Facebook group requires request to join and contains only 20 members as of this writing.

The album kicks off with a 2 minute intro track “Siberia” as guitar feedback fills the background as a sample plays. “Alaska” is up next and highly textured guitars dart through the song with lifeful and fun tones full of echo. The guitar has a prog-metal feel going for it that draw strong comparisons to the band Maserati. The album doesn’t skip a beat with next track “New York” as a thick and bassy low note fills the lower areas.  This is an extremely dense album with a lot going on, making it nearly impossible to zero in on one particular sound throughout the songs.

The drums are very electronic inspired and I could not decipher whether or not they were programmed or real given that they have a very tight and systematic sound. Electronic noises make their presence felt throughout the album, most prevalent in the track “Vietnam.” The final track, “New Earth” is the longest track on the album and by far my favorite. It begins with keyboards echoing throughout both channels as well as samples reminiscent of the intro track. The riffs in this track are the best on the album as the album.

Despite being only 25 minutes It is a good album, but it just didn’t blow me away. While the music is focused I found that the tracks themselves are all over the place. The build ups lead to no true break downs either which is disappointing. The heavier segments tend to only last a few seconds before settling back down. While I’m a big fan of the guitar tones and style found on this album I found the whole thing to be a little too manufactured. I would have been delighted had their gritty and raw static guitars been utilized more. Their sound should continue to mature and grow with experience and this is definitely a more than acceptable debut release. 7-20-12

Free at http://jakartaproject.bandcamp.com/

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