Ninth Moon Black – Chronophage – 92%

Chronophage cover art

Ninth Moon Black are an experimental/psychedelic post-metal band from Eugene, OR that are currently unsigned. Their songs are more like journeys than simply tracks on an album. The song writing process for this band is clearly deep and all of their songs are well planned and seem to have purpose. Their sound is raw, powerful and is the perfect cross between post-metal heaviness and ambient gracefulness.

Chronophage opens with a very spacious and looming track that’s slow tempo keeps the listener on edge, expecting a huge breakdown or radical change in pace at a moment’s notice as guitars slowly roar in the background. This track is the equivalent of a post-rock version of a passage straight out of Pink Floyd’s earlier years. As the album picks up steam the band’s sound begins to take form. Riffs are extremely tight, drumming is systematic and complex and as a whole the music is just ripe with gritty and brooding epicness. I can’t get over the amazing synergy this album has, all the tracks perfectly blend with one another creating seamless transitions throughout the album. On top of that, despite some faintly noticeable clipping and an album well deserving of a high quality mastering (remember, I’m rocking an audiophile setup here and am extremely picky when it comes to sound quality), the sound staging fantastically compliments the atmospheric vibe. The tones are wonderful as well and everything just kind of clicks on this album. “Animus lumino” is by far and away the band’s magnum opus, it just oozes the quintessence of this album in one long 13 minute masterpiece. The album wraps up with “Numeratio” which is just as good as it gets. The guitar tones are simply other worldly and orgasmically good. This is how all albums should end.

This band definitely has one of the more unique sounds of the genre. The way the band manages to incorporate 60’s-esque psychedelic passages into their work while keeping a feeling of heaviness in all their tracks is a work of art and blows my mind. Fans of the likes of Pink Floyd and Crippled Black Phoenix should absolutely love this album. As I make my home in Seattle, it’s also  great to see the Pacific Northwest properly represented in the post-metal genre. This is a must listen to album of 2012. 7-7-12

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