Fire Spoken By the Buffalo – Air Your Grievance EP – 68%

Air Your Grievance cover art

Last year these guys released “Hiatus” which was an absolutely brilliant album so to see them back with another EP so soon is a real treat. FSBTB have a very unique third wave post-rock sound with a hint of math-rock influences.

In the first track “Mold of the Earth” we’re treated to the great high caliber guitar work we come to expect from the band. However after just a couple minutes, there’s something noticeably wrong here. Unlike “Hiatus” the band has decided to add vocals which was just an awful decision. The vocals are nowhere near the quality of the rest of the song. They’re annoying post-hardcore-ish vocals that sound as though they were recorded in a bathroom. As good as the first half of the song is the second half is equally worse. The next track, “Spacebats” contains some awesome mathy guitar segments but again are ruined by terrible vocals that are so upfront you can’t enjoy anything else going on with the song.

What a huge disappointment this EP turned out to be. 17 minutes of great music ruined because for whatever reason the band decided to muck up their great with sub-par vocals. I really hope that this is an experiment that spawned an EP because I will be extremely disappointed if this is the band’s new sound. If the band were to remove the vocal track and reuploaded it to bandcamp this EP would without question be in the upper 80’s range. The music is great, but it’s lost in the shadow of awful bathroom vocals. 7/7/12

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9 thoughts on “Fire Spoken By the Buffalo – Air Your Grievance EP – 68%

  1. bro, it’s postrock, the vocals aren’t about being marketable or pretty, it’s about conveying an emotion and this album conveys an emotion of stress and frustration with how things are and begging for change and progress. i’m sorry you’re not a fan of people singing passionately, maybe they’ll get a computer to sing for them next time.

  2. IamPop, maybe you should make your own music with vocals more suited to your liking. While you’re critiquing bands that record in studios and pay retarded amounts of money for people to equalize and ‘perfect’ their sound, these kids are making music in friend’s houses and bathrooms for fun and for their love of music. I think it sounds great. I actually find myself waiting for the vocals to start in ‘Mold of the Maker’. It’s a good thing all music isn’t rated by you.

  3. These comments sound ignorant and biased. The reviewer has the right to his or her own opinion. I personally really like the vocals and the instrumentals, but there’s no reason to whine over something subjective. A 68% is in no means a “bad” score. A few of these artists that were also reviewed come close to the same budget as this band was working with, & practically all of them aren’t the kinds of bands that “pay retarded amounts of money.” He’s not reviewing top40 pop hits..

  4. @Charlie – I am well aware the vocals aren’t suppose to be “marketable and pretty.” You will be hard pressed to find a review on this site from a band who’s sound would be considered “marketable”. I am a fan of people singing passionately actually. Proof if this can be the 95% I gave to Anathema, who use their vocals to help create deep emotional connections to the songs from their audiences. The problem isn’t what the vocals are about on this album, it’s their quality compared to the rest of the album. The vocals just are nowhere near the quality of the music on the EP. Like I said, without the vocal tracks, this EP would have been 80+% to me. Hiatus was a huge album that’s been on my ipod forever. I just can’t get into this new style if it is indeed the direction of the band is deciding to take. It’s a step backwards from Hiatus in my opinion.

    @Johnathan – I am not a musician, just a lover of music. That being said, if you did some research you would see that a large majority of the bands I review are on very small labels with sometimes even smaller followings. One of my favorite albums this year (“Hammond” by You Bred Raptors?) comes from a band that is currently playing in subway stations and street corners in the NY region

    @Bailey – Thanks for “getting” what the essence of my blog is all about šŸ™‚

  5. well unfortunately for everyone, this is fire spoken’s last contribution of music to the world, if you listen the EP a few more times i think you’ll grow to appreciate not only the value of the words being said but the manor in which they are conveyed.

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