Greenhouse – Never Look Back – 85%

Never Look Back cover art
I didn’t know much about this band prior to checking them out so before listening to this album I did a little research. Greenhouse is the work of two musicians from Denton, Texas who are releasing their first length album on Globe Garage Records.

The album starts with a really laid back vibe with some downtempo electronic influences easily heard as a vintage sounding guitar pleases the ears. Definitely a great track to ease us into the album. Track 2 we get a better idea of Greenhouse’s sound as it takes a more indie approach with standard indie vocals in front of crescendo style guitar work that could easily be found on just about any post-rock album. The tempo is slow and mellow and the vocals are made better by the filters found throughout the album and particularly in the track “Friend’s Don’t Ever Last Forever”

I find the drums to be slightly loud in the mix and a bass drum a tad bit too airy which was very distracting on the following track “Stuck in the Waiting Room.” With this being a mellow album with electronic elements scattered throughout, heavy influence on drums really doesn’t compliment the mood. I will say that the guitar work more then makes up for this slight though, it really is top notch and sets a good feel for the album. The best example of this would be in the track “Dark Matter is What Matters on a Rainy Day.” This track is just insanely good in every way and is a ridiculously unique mix of raw guitar and electronic inspired drums. Next is an interlude which features thunder and rain that fits well.

The next two tracks really drive home the mellow vibe of this album. It finishes up with three strong vocal filled tracks and the post-rock crescendo influenced guitar makes another appearance. I’m really digging the experimental elements on this album, setting it a part from almost anything else I’ve reviewed all year. While it features a lot of electronic influence, it’s not an electronic album by any means. At the same time, it’s certainly not a post-rock album given that it features indie vocals  on a few tracks and the song structure is nothing near traditional post-rock. Then again, you can’t call it indie either because most of the indie scene would be turned off by the rawness of the guitar work and the electronic vibe. Overall this is a great effort by a young band that should continue to grow and expand their sound in the coming years as they mature. This album is well worth of time of anyone into the aforementioned genres. 7-1-12

Available July 18th for $7 at


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