Képzelt Város – Hélium – 88%

Hélium cover art
Hélium is the latest effort from Képzelt Város, a six piece group from Hungary. This album is quite unlike any other album I’ve heard this year to be quite honest. In the first track I’m immediately driven to the lifeful tones of both the guitar and cello. The drums are very open and airful as well and compliment the rest of the instruments extremely well. But what peaked my interest the most are the Hungarian vocals. I feel like whenever I hear singing in foreign languages I can’t understand I tend to find the vocals better or at least adding intrigue to the songs. The lead singer’s voice is decent and the vocals lead me to feel as though it’s just another element in the music that makes this band that much more unique.

It’s a breath of fresh air that the cello on this album is elegant and unobtrusive. Unlike bands like Nice Wings, Icarus! and You Bred Raptors that prominently feature their string instruments, Képzelt Város does a great job simply incorporating the instrument into their music rather then making it a focal point of their sound.

But make no mistake, even with clean Hungarian vocals and a cello lurking in the mix, this band is loud, VERY loud. This 51 minute album is filled with epic passages and build ups that are among the loudest walls of sound I’ve heard all year. The band transitions between their softer and heavier passages almost seamlessly and they really let the build ups sneak up on you. Track 6, “Hus” is a perfect example of this. This track is a real powerhouse that stands out to me as the best on the album by far. This album is a musical journey that is solid from front to back. Képzelt Város has one hell of a range as a band and should be recognized as a major player in the post-rock universe. I would love to see this band perform this material live. A rock solid album. 6/30/12

Available for about $10 at http://kepzeltvaros.bandcamp.com/


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