Whirr – Pipe Dreams – 84%


Not Post-Rock. Ah yes, the California Shoegazers Whirr, one of the few straight forward shoegaze bands I enjoy. This album starts off very chill yet upbeat with the vocals buried deep in the mix. I really like the vocal effects too, this is how Shoegaze should sound and not have whiny indie vocals upfront like most new “shoegaze” bands tend to do. The band does a great job maintaining a heavy sound while keeping the album at a slow pace, it really does work quite well. If you were being lulled to sleep by “Formulas and Frequencies”, the next track “Home Is Where My Head Is” will sure to wake you up with a LOUD drum roll to start the heaviest and fastest track on the album. Overall this is a really solid album worth checking out! 4-7-12

band facebook: http://www.facebook.com/whirrband


One thought on “Whirr – Pipe Dreams – 84%

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