Three Steps to the Ocean – Scents EP – 82%

Scents cover art

Scents is a 30 minute adventure from italian band Three Steps to the Ocean. This album has very detailed electronic inspired textures mixed with keyboard heavy atmospheric soundscapes. Just beautiful sounding drums that build upwards. The second track “Zilco” builds heavy with a sample of what ends up being full scale post-hardcore screaming before the song tapers off only to be met by an even heavier jolting next track, “Cobram”. Guitar chug along in a Jesu-like fashion. The biggest problem I’m having with this album is that it’s all just very generic and it can’t decide if it’s post-rock or post-metal. There’s that saying that it’s hard to mess up post-rock and it’s all too evident here. While I dig the epicness, there just isn’t anything here for me to remember this album even 2 weeks from now. 3/29/12

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