The All American Rejects – Kids in the Street – 68%

Not Post-Rock. This one seems pretty strange to be on this list huh? I gotta be honest, I was never an AAR fan until they put out “When the World Comes Down” which was a just straight up great album from start to finish. Almost halfway through the album and I find it extremely safe, which is a shame because their last album was anything but safe. These songs all sound the same and straight up boring generic radio rock. Where’s my Another Heart Calls? Where’s my Gives you Hell? The Wind Blows? Fallin’ Apart? Those were all great, diverse tracks. If AAR thinks they’re going to get me to enjoy their songs with lyrics like “I fuckin’ hate this town, I wanna burn it to the ground” they’re wrong. But hey, at least they gave it the good college try for the title track. While the last 3 tracks are by far the best on the album, it’s too little too late. The creative fire the band seemingly found during the When The World Comes Down sessions is gone. I can’t even give this album the honor of a C rating. 4/2/12

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