Servants of Silence – Weightless Thoughts [ep] – 90%

I’ve had this album for awhile now actually. The 5 man Polish band released it as a demo last year but it’s official release date is 2012. This EP clocks in at 27 minutes long and kicks off with a very soothing vibe. Spiraling guitars are sensual, fading into the background as the beautiful keyboard work of Mateusz Korpysa takes center focus. Musically the band seems to forgo atmospheric drone in favor of a little bit more of a proggy sound, but that’s ok because it works well. Plus, Atmospheric is overdone in post-rock and those who bring something different to the table generally grab my ears for longer. These songs are absolutely fantastic at building up to grand finales without ever losing the mellow vibe that generally disappears as soon as the downtuned guitars make their appearance. “One Million Things – One Million Thoughts” is as good as the very best TWDY, GIAA, ITTCT or any other 3rd wave powerhouse song you can find. Just an all around fantastic job here. A Full length would be greatly appreciated! 3/26/12

Available for FREE at

Band’s Facebook page here:


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