Puzzle – Nothing but the rain – 87%

Nothing But The Rain cover art

This is a 3 track 30 minute album from Puzzle, who hail from France. The band describes themselves as “Restful Post-Rock” and I tend to agree. “Nothing but the rain” is a brilliant explorative album that is on the more elegant side of the genre. The band draws comparisons to the likes of Mono, EITS and perhaps The Calm Blue Sea. The three tracks are long and drawn out with none being under 8 minutes. I really enjoy the guitar tones and spacious feel of this album. No one instrument overpowers another and that’s a definite plus in my book. This album flows extraordinarily well and is a powerhouse of a post-rock album that everyone should have in their collection. 6/26/12

Pay what you want at bandcamp: http://voxproject.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-but-the-rain

Physical copy available here: http://voxproject.bigcartel.com

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