Mental Architects – Celebrations – 87%

Celebrations cover art

This is a highly anticipated album for me from the Bulgarian Math Rockers Mental Architects ever since I learned Aaron Harris of ISIS was mixing it. I’m  definitely not disappointed, the mixing is just as great as the music itself. Strong emphasis on bass, intertwining guitar tracks sound spacious, drums sound natural. As for the album itself, it’s just a fun album that is very upbeat and definitely mathy. Draws some similarities to Three Trapped Tigers, but make no mistake, this band is very unique and has their own sound. I found myself getting lost in sound about halfway through the album as it began picking up steam. This album is everything that a Math Rock album should be in that it doesn’t try to do too much, all of the tracks have great synergy and the energy remains high energy from start to finish. Simply a must-have record. 4-8-12

Available for $7 on bandcamp:


2 thoughts on “Mental Architects – Celebrations – 87%

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