Megadeth – Th1rt3en – 90%

Not Post-Rock. Who doesn’t love a good thrash album? I know I do! I love Dave Mustaine as a musician, he just gets it. In an industry where 80’s bands are desperately trying to reinvent themselves to stay relevant, Megadeth has stayed true to their roots (with the exception of RISK). This album is no different. Splashes of Rust in Piece and Youthanasia are mixed with the edgy in your face fast paced 80’s thrash like only Megadeth can deliver. The solos are solid, Dave sounds good and the lyrics and song meanings are absolutely true to Megadeth lineage. Millennium of the Blind is just an absolutely wicked song, probably my favorite Megadeth song since Die Dead Enough. This whole album has just taken me by absolute surprise, it’s an absolute beast! Dave’s still got it after nearly 20 years! 3-25-12

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