Judd Madden – Doom Groove – 87%

Doomgroove cover art

I remember checking out this band based just on the cover art of their last album “Drown.” It was a black and white drawing of a bad ass octopus underwater. Doomgroove’s cover is equally as bad ass as now we have the skeleton of a turtle swimming up to the surface. This album is the perfect blend of Post-metal, stoner rock and doom metal. This album is a little more on the stoner/doom side compared to earlier work but it’s also a bit more bluesy as well. I really enjoy the more mellow side of this album where the bass work is more prominent because the bass is especially good here. Overall probably my favorite doom album of all time. I don’t listen to as much as I’d like so I’m not as versed in the ways of doom metal, but if more doom metal was like this I’d listen a whole hell of a lot more! 4-12-12

Pay what you want at http://juddmadden.bandcamp.com/album/doomgroove


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