Irreversible – Ashes – 85%

Ashes cover art

Here we have a 4 track 35 minute album by Irreversible, straight out of Atlanta. They bring a stoner / doomy vibe to their brand of post-metal. The opening licks of “Prime” are excellent, really great tone, really great vibe. The vocals are a little out of place in my opinion, they are far too traditional of post-metal vocals for the stoner / doomish style of music here. “No Pure Conception” is a far heavier in your face approach that captures the imagination as the line between stoner-rock and post-metal is heavily blurred in a perfect combination of the two. Even though I feel the vocals don’t always work, I find that they don’t distract from just how damn good this album is. Track 3, “The Egregore” brings the volumes down a level but maintains high intensity through a mixture of ambient passages and breakdowns. I feel like this track is really the band’s Coup de grâce, if this track doesn’t win you over as a fan no track will. It has something for everyone and if you don’t like then post-metal just isn’t your thing. The final track, “Ashes” is a lot more mellow but nicely layered. It’s a fitting ending to the album. Overall I really dig this effort. All of the tracks have great synergy with tons of layers of sound to them waiting to be discovered in future listens. 6-14-12

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