I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Edge Party – 79%

Edge Party cover art

IWFYLS is a 3 piece from Russia that borders on the edge of electronic ambient and post-rock. They are quirky and experimental and intertwine modern concept with their eccentric creativeness really well. Immediately I’m drawn to the electronic drums which are a bit quick for my personal taste. It becomes really noticeable, distracting from the overall ambiance earlier in the album It’s refreshing to see someone trying something different, but I’m not sure that straightforward electronica-esque drums really work here. The guitar work is every bit as amazing as you’d expect it to be and is really the highlight on the album. I know I’m the only one to complain about this, but the record lacks the polish of a good sound engineer. With my mid level audiophile setup everything really came out in the wash, making me question if there was something wrong among my hi-fi setup before determining it was the recording. I even went so far as to turn on equalization and find a setting that could compliment this album since I listen to all of my music flat. Too many times the guitar work is punchless and the whole thing feels like a bad 128kb .wma rip even though I’ve downloaded it in FLAC.  It’s a shame because had the mastering been better I would have scored this much higher, but it’s a nuisance that can’t be ignored. 4-17-12

Pay what you want at bandcamp: http://iwfyls.bandcamp.com/album/edge-party


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