Dragonforce – The Power Within – 83%


If you absolutely hate and can’t stand Dragonforce please stop reading my reviews. This band is so cheesily amazing at what they do. Herman Li is such a boss. After an epic intro we finally hear near vocalist Marc Hudson who has a more traditional singing style when compared to former singer ZP Theart. His screams aren’t over the top, which is good considering Herman Li’s solos and the constant stream of blast beats pillaging my ears are ridiculous enough. Speaking of ridiculous, I’m reviewing a Dragonforce album. Here you go, this is all you need: Better than Ultra Beatdown, on par with Valley of the Damned, not as good as Sonic Firestorm or Inhuman Rampage. If you can enjoy an hour of Dragonforce, it’s worth checking out.– 4-7-12

Band Website: http://www.dragonforce.com/


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