Последние Каникулы – Ромашка – 84%

Ромашка cover art

I’m not even going to try to say that I know anything about this band. Some research tells me that their name roughly translates to “Last Holiday” and that it’s the solo effort of a man called Egor. The album is only 3 very long tracks and is 55 minutes long. The lighter parts are really good and the samples are interesting and their use is well done. The drone/noise areas are a little excessive and aren’t my particular cup of tea. At times the album feels very vintage in addition to it capturing a very bleak feel. The vinyl static in track two is an absolute brilliant addition to the track, it’s something I’d like to see done more often in ambient tracks. The best comparison to this album is Hands of the Templar’s 55 minute, one track album “Explore”. Though they’re both very different musically, they’re trying to accomplish the same thing. Long pieces of music with a multitude of different paces and sounds. While I think Explore comes off as a bit more polished, this album is definitely unique in it’s own right. Aside from the overly long stretches of uninteresting drone noise at time, this is a great album 4-11-12

Pay what you want at http://moiposledniekanikuly.bandcamp.com/album/–5


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